Inheriting a tradition of excellence, Nuvo is the new face of a 50 year old diamond enterprise. Having built an impeccable reputation over the better half of the 20th century, we are at the forefront of innovation in the modern diamond industry. The third generation of diamantaires have established a vertically integrated created diamond company, delivering superior quality, at every step of the supply chain.


Our patrons enjoy the benefits of our strong associations with the leading growers of the world. A distributed sourcing network allows us to choose what we buy at the right price. While avoiding the overheads of expensive Research & Development, our worldwide network allows us to stay updated with technological advancements from around the globe.


Over the years, we have invested in building a world class facility for cutting and polishing. State of the art machinery ensures a precision make each time. We lay a firm emphasis on cost control and timeliness. We are one of the few organisations who offer bespoke manufacturing options.


With seasoned hands and experienced minds who have been with us for decades, our team boasts of unmatched craftsmanship. We have a rigorous, three tier, internal quality control system which ensures precise assortments. We are happy to customise assortments to suit specific client requirements.


Our extensive network allows us to deliver to almost every corner of the world. We're based out of the financial capital of India, Mumbai with marketing affiliates in New York, Hong Kong and Dubai. With existing clients in over 30 countries which include diamond dealers, jewelry manufacturers and jewelry retailers, we have the capability to ship worldwide.